Evolve Tag Team Championship: Catch Point (Tracy Williams and Fred Yehi)(champions) vs. Michael Elgin and Donovan Dijak (Evolve 80-March 30, 2017)


Dijak was in ROH, and now he’s not either. Evolve has a really thin tag team division, and that’s been best represented by the fact Dijak and Elgin have never wrestled as a team in Evolve. I’m not even sure they’ve ever wrestled as a team in any promotion. Jaka and Dickinson will likely break away from Catch Point soon and be the logical heirs to those belts.

In a weekend with hundreds of matches and guys sometimes wrestling three times in a day, there’s no way everything is going to deliver. This match being such a disappointment was a major surprise. This didn’t just work but was also actively bad. The continued tension of Catch Point continues as Williams struggles to take over for Drew Gulak in the leadership role. For whatever reason, this match did not click, and the fans never really seemed into save for a couple spots. I don’t think people bought Elgin and Dijak as real challengers and it showed. I thought Dijak would be out to prove something like ACH and Lee have. Definitely didn’t see a sense of urgency here. Elgin feeds into a Dijak chokebomb. That only gets two. Elgin clotheslines his partner on accident. Code Red hit by Yehi. Double team powerbomb. Williams turns Dijak into the crossface and eventually gets the tap-out thanks to help from his partner.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Evolve Tag Team Champions-Catch Point/*1/2

Seriously, why the FUCK is Larry Dallas still involved with WWN in anyway? It’s sooooooo embarrassing, and the crowd hates him in a way that makes people want to turn shows off as opposed to drawing money.


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