Evolve vs. Progress: Jimmy Havoc vs. Ethan Page (WWN Supershow- April 1, 2017)

havoc vs. page.jpg

Havoc is a known brawler and Page was in a hell of a brawl the previous evening in the main event. This is a case where the Progress wrestler is clearly the more popular of the two. Match heads to the outside early on as Havoc controls. Page then tosses Havoc into rows of empty chairs. Gatekeepers get involved and Page hits RKEgO on his way back into the ring. Havoc gets a nice counter of the iconoclasm before hitting a lungblower. More back and forth Havoc hits a double stomp for a nearfall. Gatekeepers have a miscommunication. Page hits a Spinning Dwayne and gets the win.

Match went a little too long for my liking and the finish seemed unnecessary. This being four matches makes a tie incredibly predictable. Not a fan of Page losing such a monumental match and then just picking up a win like nothing happened the next night.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ethan Page/**3/4


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