Evolve vs. Progress South Pacific Power Trip (Travis Banks and TK Cooper) vs. Catch Point (Chris Dickinson and Jaka)(WWN Supershow-April 1, 2017)


Progress and Evolve fans probably haven’t seen much of each the other team, so this a real chance for these teams to make a name for themselves. This started off hot and heavy, and you can tell how much this match meant too both guys. Dickinson and Jaka wear down Cooper and toss him around. Dickinson is able to keep up the attitude, but he’s channeling in a much more controlled fashion.

I’m incredibly impressed with both teams here. They got a chance to showcase what they can do and took advantage of a huge stage to really steal the show. Tremendous performance by everyone in this match. Jaka and Dickinson did a great job kicking ass, and SPPT did a great taking the punishment and selling for the bigger guys. Things get crazy as Jaka first hits a dive. Then Dickinson hits a reverse DDT. Banks hits a dive of his own. He’s quite an impressive guy just based on this match alone. Some clear poise exhibited. Banks does a crazy twisty dive to the floor. Incredible exchange of moves back inside the ring as all four wrestlers go at it. Some spectacular combinations. Evolve isn’t really known for their crazy tag matches like DG USA was, so something like this really stands out. Double teaming on Dickinson ends with a beautiful 450 splash. Dickinson kicks out at one. The crowd stands up. Double superkick into the double DDT. SPPT get a huge win in a tremendous match.

Winner (s)/Rating: South Pacific Power Trip/****


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