GCW Championship: Matt Tremont (champion) vs. Eddie Kingston (GCW Presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break- March 31, 2017)

kingston tremont.jpg

Just so it’s clear, this event did technically take place on Friday, March 31 given the midnight start.

I’ll talk about the show itself more during Janela’s match, but the concept is at the very least interesting and has garnered a great deal of buzz for Mr. Janela. In a weekend loaded with shows, he’s been able to grab a lot of headlines. Before the event, see a video of Janela trying to raise money to be able to wrestle Marty Janetty. There’s even some smoke and SCOTT HALL! SCOTT HALL IS A GENIE AND IS GRANTING WISHES!

Who would have ever thought Kingston would be on a weekend full of shows and CHIKARA would not be one of them? It’s hard to review this like a regular show because this was designed to be a midnight party. Larry Legend’s outfit gives that away. I have a feeling that a show like this plays better live than on tape (so to speak). Tremont goes for a number of doors. You don’t see Kingston in a lot of mindless brawls, but I’ve found that they’re generally not good. Kingston needs good angles and a story for his matches to have any level of engagement. Tremont bleeds literally two minutes in. I think Tremont could be a better brawler if his selling was better, and his matches felt more than mindless. Brawl goes to the crowd and you can barely see what’s happening. Tremont DVDs Kingston through a table and gets the win.

This was not a good professional wrestling match.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL GCW Champion- Matt Tremont/*


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