Joey Janela vs. Marty Jannetty (GCW Presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break- March 31, 2017)


Jannetty comes out to his old Rockers’ music and gear. The name on his tights is even written in the Disney font. Janela does the Shawn Michaels pose. Well played.

You’ve certainly got to admire Janela for wanting to fulfill his dream and be willing to pay for it. Excalibur, Bryce Remsburg, Denver Colorado, and John Thorne are on commentary because of course they are.

When it comes to a match or show like this, it’s not even fair to evaluate something like with star ratings. Janela plays heel despite being the promoter of the show. Aren’t bookers supposed to put themselves on top as babyfaces? Jannetty obviously can’t go and probably shouldn’t even be in the ring at this point. That was made clear during his brief foray into CHIKARA. Janela carried Jannetty through something watchable, and you can see how much admiration he has for his opponent just by the way he bumped around. Janela works over the ankle and then accidentally superkicks the referee. Jannetty applies the sharpshooter. Now comes…not Earl Hebner. Janela slaps him in the face. Remsburg decides to stay at commentation station. Janela takes out a series of officials because he wants Hebner. Janela piledrives one official on top of another. Hebner finally comes out. Jannetty isn’t tapping. Janela bitches him out. Shoving match. Janela forearms him. So then Virgil comes out and works over Janela. Yes, this actually happened. Jannetty and Virgil…I have no idea what’s going. Jannetty hits a Canadian Destroyer sort of for two. The crowd is chanting “Match of the Year.” Who could argue? Janela hits a splash for two. Janela swantons a chair. ROCKER DROPPER! That only gets two. Excalibur calls Joey Janela the Antonio Inoki of GCW. Okay, THAT line nearly killed me dead. Janela superkicks Jannetty and gets three. I have no idea how to rate any of this.

This could never work as a full-time promotion, but as a novelty for people looking for something to watch at midnight on Friday, sure why not?

Winner (s)/Rating: Joey Janela/*

Excalibur should commentate every wrestling show for the rest of time.


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