Keith Lee vs. Donovan Dijak (Evolve 81-March 31, 2017)

dijak lee.jpg

Hoss division battle.

Lots of heavy blows early on from both men. Lee breaks out a corkscrew plancha because why not.   Lee is getting multiple chants from the crowd, and you can see just how quickly he is getting over with these fans. Dijak comes back with a chokeslam on the apron. Corkscrew dive of his own to the outside. It’s amazing watching two huge men just flip all over the place. Lee breaks out a pounce likes it’s 2005. Dijak hits a Destroyer. Lee goes up for the moonsault. Dijak superkicks him and hits Feast Your Eyes. Lee kicks out.  Now Dijak goes up. He dives. Lee kind of catches him and hits a powerbomb on the side of the ring. Lee hits the moonsault for two. They take turns flipping out of chokeslams. Spirit Bomb gets three. Great finish that fit in perfectly with the story of the match.

Watching these guys toss each other around while also doing flips was tons of fun. Great match for both guys as Dijak needed a rebound performance and Lee needs to be winning as often as possible. You really can’t argue with these two as potential main eventers on the indies this year. Lee in particular has made 2017 his year in a big way.

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***3/4


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