Lio Rush vs. Drew Galloway (Evolve 81-March 31, 2017)

galoway rush.jpg

Lio Rush comes out to introduce himself. Think Sabre is tired of former ROH guys coming up to him? Rush talks about his upcoming match with Sabre at Evolve 83. Now Rush wants a title shot. This is what happens when Ring of Honor guys don’t get chances there. Drew Galloway, Rush’s opponent, comes out. Galloway talks about winning the WWN title on Saturday. Remember that.

Galloway is not happy about Rush disrespecting him by talking about Sabre now instead of worrying the upcoming match. If the Zema Ion match is any indication, this should be great. Indeed, Galloway goes after Rush immediately with much fire. Galloway tosses Rush like he did Zion and doesn’t get nearly the reaction. Rush comes back with a series of strikes. Rush goes for a reverse rana but gets slammed front first. Rush manages an enziguri but a frog splash missed. Huge sick kick followed by the short piledriver. Rush seems more fired up than anything but he quickly goes down. Galloway shakes his head. DDT and elbow drop  by Rush leads to a two count. This match was about Galloway’s power versus Rush’s speed and ultimately his lack of experience. Huge headbutt and a swinging Future Shock. Another piledriver gets a three count. Another strong match but Galloway goes over someone again in dominant fashion and he won’t be doing these jobs back for others.

Winner (s)/Rating: Drew Galloway/***1/2


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