Matt Riddle vs. Drew Galloway (Evolve 80- March 30, 2017)

riddle gallowat.jpg

In hindsight, this match was fucking stupid in execution.

This is why you never have a partnership with WWE because that company has proven time and time again that they’re nothing but bullies who will only do what benefits them and the rest of the sport be damned. And Galloway proved to be the ultimate hypocritical heel by signing with NXT and going back to the place he hated.

With that rant aside, the match itself was very good. The fact that Galloway won and seemingly dominated Riddle makes sense in the context of the feud. Galloway actually calls out Riddle to start the show. This is very much a sprint and a very different pace that was established at Evolve 79. They have an extensive brawl on the outside of the ring. Galloway PILEDRIVES RIDDLE THROUGH A GODDAMN TABLE! Given Riddle has to wrestle like a million times this weekend, that’s a pretty risky proposition. Future Shock followed by a short piledriver. Great match in context. Not as great with hindsight.

Winner (s)/Rating: Drew Galloway/***1/2


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