Matt Riddle vs. Fred Yehi (Evolve Tag Team Champion) (Evolve 81-March 31-2017)


These two are part of the WWN championship match the next night.

Yehi has been questioning the loyalty of Riddle to Catch Point. Lenny Leonard again brings up the leadership issues surrounding Tracy Williams. These two focus on mat work, but things are clearly heated between the two. Riddle is favoring his neck after being piledriven through a table by Galloway the night before. Yehi’s stomps on the bare feet of Riddle seem all the more poignant. Riddle finally manages a knee strike followed by a release fishermen buster. Yehi goes back to the stomps as he connects on a hard one to Riddle’s ankle, then on his hand. Tombstone and Bro 2 Sleep countered so Riddle settles for a German suplex. Powerbomb into the folding press again only gets two. Yehi was booked to look fairly dominant as they really played off the damage Riddle had done to him by Galloway the night before. It also does a nice job setting him up as the underdog. Yehi kicks out at one after a piledriver. Riddle hits another for two. Koji Clutch applied. Riddle goes for the ropes, but he eventually passes out from the pain, and the official has no choice but to stop the match. Really solid effort from both guys. They really built this match well from the first bell.

Typical Gabe tradition of having a future champion lose to someone to set up a challenger or in this case build up the drama to Riddle conquering his current stablemate.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/***1/2


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