Non-title match: Zack Sabre Jr. (Evolve Champion) vs. Michael Elgin

sabre elgin

Elgin asked for a championship match at the end of Evolve 80 and then sucker back fisted Sabre in the face. Elgin hasn’t had an Evolve singles match since Evolve 81 so no title match…I guess…despite having a title match the previous night.

Elgin hits a previous weak looking powerbomb into the apron. I don’t know if the audio on the feed is off or what, but it sounds incredibly quiet in this venue. Elgin controls the majority of the match and while this certainly isn’t a bad match, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of urgency involved. This being non-title doesn’t help. Neither does being the opener.  With a proper story, more build, and not being amidst a million other shows, this might play better. Sabre makes his comeback but doesn’t really do it with his trademark mat wrestling. Penalty kick only gets two. Elgin DOES THE DEAL but only gets two. Sabre gets busted open, but I don’t think it’s Elgin’s fault, more a byproduct of what happened earlier at PROGRESS. Splash Mountain gets a long two count. Sabre applies a triangle choke while on the top rope and gets powerbombed anyway. Sabre applies the choke again. Death Valley Driver on the apron. Super falcon arrow also gets two. He hits the backfist again. Bucklebomb. Elginbomb turned into a roll-up. Sabre gets three. The out of nowhere finish only served to reinforce how superfluous much of this match felt.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./**3/4

Elgin is having a weird weekend. Two big matches and two huge disappointments.


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