Ricochet vs. Keith Lee (Evolve 80- March 30, 2017)

lee ricochet.jpg

Lee has already stolen the show a number of times on these Evolve shows, and he’s been able to wrestle some top names in showcase singles matches already. I normally hate silly comedy in a match like this, but Ricochet trying to overpower Lee was a nice touch. On a weekend with 105 events, it’s nice to have some levity. Lee breaks out a leapfrog and even a dropkick. He’s so over already. Story of the match is fairly logical. Lee is in control when he’s able to slow thing s down and toss Ricochet around. Ricochet relies on his speed to have any hope.

This was a spectacular showcase for Lee, and Ricochet seemed really motivated to put on a great show with a fresh opponent. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of having someone who is likely not going to be a regular getting a victory over an impressive Lee, but that’s a minor gripe. Lee became an even bigger star in one match just by this performance. Lee goes for a powerbomb but is hit with a reverse rana. BENADRYLLER! HE LIFTED HIM UP! That looked impressive. Axe kick connects with Lee’s face but only a two count. Lee hits the sitdown powerbomb but he also only gets two. Lee goes up for a moonsault attempt. At least the ring didn’t break, but he certainly missed. Ricochet hits a 450, shooting star press, and a third…no. Lee grabs him by the throat. Ricochet wins with the 630. I liked the idea of Ricochet having to hit the super finish to get the win. Really put Lee over as a monster. Excellent match and definitely one to check out.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ricochet/****

Can you believe Keith Lee was still going to be a TAG TEAM WRESTLER IN RING OF HONOR?


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