Shine Championship: LuFisto vs. Toni Storm (WWN Supershow- April 1, 2017)


Su Yung was publicly fired by WWN for not being able to make the show after main eventing a women’s show at Wrestlecon.

It’s total bullshit and completely absurd (unless I hear differently) given the traffic issues that exist in Orlando. LuFisto’s promo calling her a disgrace is pretty gross, and whoever thought her calling Yung a disgrace is dumb. I was looking forward to Yung and LuFisto despite Shine’s booking being a total shit show. Storm attacks right away, and it’s incredibly obvious the crowd is way down from the previous two evenings. You can realty see how much going to Japan has improved Storm as she’s much smoother and able to keep up with the more experienced LuFisto.  Some decent nearfalls and action. This might be one of the stronger Shine showcase matches on a WWN show. Funny enough, Storm HASN’T EVER BEEN ON A SHINE SHOW! LuFisto turns a moonsault attempt into a burning hammer, and she gets the win. At least it was a clean finish.

Between the Galloway “injury” situation and this, it’s hard to argue with anyone who’s annoyed by the fact WWN again found a way to ruin very good shows with silliness.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Shine Champion-LuFisto/***


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