Timothy Thatcher vs. Chris Dickinson (Evolve 80-March 30, 2017)

thatcher dickinson

Joanna Rose purposely messing up and calling Thatcher the Evolve champion was a nice touch.

No idea whether this is going to be good or not but I’m fascinated by this match-up because we’re talking about polar opposites. Dickinson was a part of a number of early Evolve shows but it’s taken him seven years to get full time level traction with the promotion. Dickinson works Thatcher’s kind of match in the earlygoing. Dickinson begins getting physical, but Thatcher quickly takes things back to the mat. Thatcher does a nice job matching Dickinson’s intensity. Thatcher wins with the Sakatoshi out of nowhere. This was shockingly enjoyable.

Winner (s)/Rating: Timothy Thatcher/***1/4


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