Evolve World Championship- Evolve vs. Progress: Zack Sabre (champion) vs. Mark Haskins

sabre haskins

This is an odd match since Sabre has been a part of many a Progress show, but Sabre is the Evolve champion.

Haskins failed to get the Progress title the previous night. Now he’s got a shot at the Evolve show. So it’s the reverse ACH. You can almost feel the crowd trying to get themselves into the match, but man, the energy level is pretty low. This is what happens when you run so many shows. Since there’s no real issue here, this is more of a technical and friendly match-up as opposed to the aggressive free for alls Sabre’s matches have been turning into lately.

This was a fairly cerebral match. Similar to the previous one, it was difficult to buy Haskins as a serious threat, but this was a solid technical wrestling match. Things finally get physical toward the end of the match as the mat wrestling hasn’t really been working out. Exchange of roll-ups leads to a death valley driver by Haskins. That was a sweet sequence. Series of kicks. Torbelleno into the armbar. Sabre grabs the octopus and then grabs the wrist. Sabre rolls Haskins up for a long two. Cradle The Grave gets two. Series of counters. Sabre applies the double wristlock. Haskins submits.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Evolve Champion-Zack Sabre Jr./***1/2

Says a lot that the best match of this series was with the unknown dudes that didn’t wrestle 12-15 times over the weekend. Wrestlemania weekend desperately needs some variety and needs to stop so much pressure on talent. Injuries are bound to happen at some point. See Jason Kincaid. He didn’t wrestle nearly as much, but we’re approaching a breaking point. I’m happy for the guys getting all these pay days, but at the end of the day, these wrestlers cannot deliver peak performances if they have to wrestle multiple times a day. I’m an advocate for balance and trying to allow fans the chance to see great wrestling all weekend but also preserve both the talents and fans’ sanity.


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