Interim British Cruiserweight Championship: Josh Bodom vs. David Starr(RPW Live in Orlando- March 31, 2017)

bodom starr.jpg

Bodom talks some trash before the match as he talks about defending the interim title. Starr was once a wXw Shotgun Champion, so he knows all about European championships. Trash talk starts early. Announcers focus on Bodom not wanting to defend the title and discussing the Ospreay situation. Starr brings a good amount of energy and hard strikes. Bodom…is not nearly as good. Something about his offense and personality just doesn’t come across well. Bodom does break out a tope con help from the top rope to the outside.  Starr hits a huge lariat but only gets two. Bodom hits a tornado enziguri. Bodom Breaker gets a two count as well. Referee gets kicked. Bodom goes low and then breaks out a part of the ring. Like an extra part or something. The official takes away the object. Big kick. Tomorrow Driver. Superkick. Two count. Bodom hits a superkick and Bliss Buster. That’s it. David Starr did all he could but this was an average match at best.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL (?) Interim British Cruiserweight Champion-Josh Bodom/**1/2

Bodom is like the Caleb Konley of Britain, perfectly acceptable in the ring but very blah overall. The Bliss Buster is also a dumb finisher.

The replacement announcer is like a low rent Andy Boy Simmonz. Somehow he’s even more grating and annoying.


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