Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae vs. Joey Janela and Penelope Ford (Beyond Wresting Caffeine- April 1, 2017)

mixed tag.jpg

One of the men named Joey is one of the more creative individuals going and was able to steal the weekend by putting on one of the more unique spectacles of the weekend. The other is Joey Ryan. Ford is someone to watch out for as she’s taking risks and quickly rising up the malleable women’s wrestling ranks. Ford shows herself to be more than capable in the ring. Janela doesn’t have to kill himself. LaRae looked really solid as always. Ryan…was around. This was wrestled as more of a tornado tag and not really a traditional tag. Fine by me. I don’t need a heat segment in every goddamn tag match. Ryan splits through a clothesline and hits a boobplex. The crowd could use some…energy drinks. Ford goes low. I roll my eyes. Ford’s selling almost made it worth it. Boobplex into the superkick. Janela kicks out. LaRae has a violence party. Ford hits a Lethal Injection. Big splash by Janela gets three. Very fun and again really short.

Winner (s)/Rating: Janelope/***

Janela demands Ryan’s DDT title.

Who would have thought BEYOND WRESTLING would have the most well paced show (Love you Drew)?


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