Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb (Beyond Wrestling Caffeine- April 1, 2017)

lee cobb.jpg

Lee is God. Cobb is…around. Cobb’s match with Martin Stone was a solid midcard match. If Keith Lee can do better, I’ll call Mania weekend MVP for him right now. These two debuted at the same Beyond event but Lee has very quickly become one of the unheralded stars going in the WWN Universe. This starts out a Lucha sequence. Lee controls a fairly good portion of this contest and nearly pounces Cobb out of the ring. Cobb t-bones Lee over. That was awesome. Lee runs off the ropes and hits a rana. He’s the greatest. Lee wins with a VICTORY ROLL! Haven’t seen a lot of roll-ups this weekend so that was tolerable.

Very solid hoss division battle as these guys tossed each other around and did a lot of moves you’d normally see out of smaller guys.

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***

Sugar Dunkerton and Veda Scott are on commentary. They did an amazing job in this match and throughout the night. Might have been the best commentary team of the whole weekend.


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