Martin Stone vs. Jeff Cobb (RPW Live in Orlando-March 31, 2017)

stone cobb.jpg

If not for LU and his highlight videos, I question how much Cobb would even get booked. This is a battle of one of the more underrated guys in wrestling versus one of the more overrated ones. Hopefully, Stone can bring out some fire in Mr. Cobb. Cobb was an amateur wrestler, and Stone is known for mat work, meaning this is a stark contrast to the previous matches. Stone is the more intelligent wrestler, but Cobb has a distinct power advantage. The mat wrestling is kept even. Cobb breaks out the moonsault/standing shooting star press combo early. Stone dictates the middle portion with his British stylings. Cobb hits a snap back suplex. Cobb hits a surprise German suplex. Stone headbutts him and Cobb comes right back. Stone hits a right hand and London Bridge for the three count

Stone did a great job building around Cobb’s signature spots. Cobb is a guy with a great highlight reel but can’t put together a consistent set of great matches. This was the perfect length and perfectly paced. Stone got the most out of Cobb and reinforced his underrated status.

Winner (s)/Rating: Martin Stone/***1/4


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