Marty Scurll vs. Ricochet(RPW- Live in Orlando, March 31, 2017)

ricochet scurll.jpg

RPW actually flew over Gideon and had him in a match with Swoggle. Let me tell you. That would have stopped by full review of a show dead cold. Ricochet is the king so he wears a crown while coming to the ring. Well, that’s something. This is a rematch from High Stakes 2015, and things have certainly changed for both guys but Scurll in particular.

Quick feeling out process. Ricochet establishes his dominance over Scurll. The villain decides to top Ricochet’s ability to flip…and we almost have a dance contest. Ricochet pokes Scurll’s eyes and controls much of the early portion with speed and some signature offense including the crucifix where he rams an opponent’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Even an eye rake doesn’t work as Ricochet hits a spinebuster and hits a People’s Moonsault. Ricochet is fucking around way too much. Scurll divorce courts the arm after Ricochet bullshits around. Superkick and now Scurll is in control. Scurll with a bodyslam and he calls for the Villain’s Elbow. Can we stop aping off the bigger stars? Okay, Scurll just stomps him. That was awesome. Scurll-1. Dunne-0. Pretty fun ending flurry of offense as Scurll keeps up with Ricochet’s athleticism. Ricochet counters the crack of his fingers with a knee strike and enziguri. That looked great. Shooting star presses. Scurll hits a stalling piledriver. Fingers cracked. Short piledriver into the falcon arrow into the chickenwing. Ricochet counters into the Benadryller. Handspring into the chickenwing. Riochet taps.

Even when Ricochet is not fully into his matches, he’s so freaky athletic that you don’t even notice. Scurll really did play his role perfectly in this match. The second half of this match when Ricochet wasn’t engaging in shenanigans was top shelf stuff. Excellent match as Scurll continues to be one of the best world. He in particular stood out in keeping Ricochet focused.

Winner (s)/Rating: Marty Scurll/****


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