Progress World Championship-Evolve vs. Progress: Pete Dunne (champion) vs. ACH (WWN Supershow-April 1, 2017)

ach dunne.jpg

Tough to see this match having much drama given ACH has never been on a Progress show. You’ve got two very strong personalities here; therefore, my expectations are a bit high.

Extended feeling out process. ACH tries showing off and deservedly take a kick. Dunne breaks out the pedigree and does the Triple H. You can this to my list of things in wrestling I never want to see again. Guys getting heat or a pop trying to impersonate Triple H. It’s the cheapest reaction one can get. ACH begins no selling some of Dunne’s offense and delivers a hard chop of his own. Quite the strike exchange ensues. ACH goes low in a total heel move.

ACH goes back to the strikes and he doesn’t do British strong style nearly as well as others. Dunne teases a pedigree from the top rope. Get out of here with that shit. Sunset bomb blocked. Series of headbutts and both men are wobbly. Dunne connects on a lariat. Tombstone only gets two. ACH resorts to biting Dunne’s fingers but gets forearmed. Into the ring with a cutter and air raid crash. ACH comes off the top and gets hit with a right hand. Drop Dead leads to a long two count. Right into the Regal Stretch. Dunne uses the official. ACH no sells a low blow and hits a Buster Call. Well, that was different. 450 misses and Dunne gets the Regal Stretch. Dunne gets the victory. This was good but these guys did try and get a bit too cute for my tastes. Still good but Dunne is good enough to be a heel on his own and not really on leeching off Triple H’s moveset.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Progress World Champion-Pete Dunne/***1/4


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