Rey Fenix vs. Will Ospreay (RPW Live in Orlando- March 31, 2017)


fenix ospreay.jpgThis could steal the show and the weekend. Ospreay has been much more focused on mat wrestling the last few months. He focuses on grounding Fenix after the stalemate. Fenix is the one who picks up the pace and wrestles as the default babyface. Spectacular sequence ends with a Fenix cutter. Ospreay regains the advantage and uses a series of spectacular kicks. There’s a minor botch but they recover and exchange reverse ranas. Why not? Ospreay counters a Spanish fly and hits a flipping DDT. Phoenix Splash only gets two. Springboard cutter blocked. Fenix flips around and connects on a Destroyer. Fenix has a Destoyer countered into a knee and revolution kick. Oscutter gets the win.

This was as spectacular a match as you’ll see Mania weekend. Even with a couple of awkward spots, this is a dream match that delivered on expectations. Fenix is having a hell of a year between this performance and what I’ve seen in AAW. Ospreay is also able to deliver in these kinds of showcase matches as well. On a show of very strong matches, this was the best match of the show so far.

Winner (s)/Rating: Will Ospreay/****


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