RPW British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (champion) vs. Penta El M Zero (RPW Live in Orlando- March 31, 2017)

sabre penta

These two had a match in PWG that was just fine, but with what Penta has been doing lately, I’m wondering if they can top themselves.

Penta’s gear is amazing looking. Sabre recently regained the RPW title over Shibata on a New Japan show. Penta says no fear and Sabre goes right after the fingers. Sabre locks in a figure eight and flips off the fans. The US fans don’t seem to mind Sabre’s heelish behavior. This is very much a mat based match. Sabre is showing off a completely different part of himself, and you’ve got to appreciate his branching out into a heel persona. This was a little bit less chaotic than I would have wanted but still much better than a Penta match would have been a year or two ago. The release from AAA really was the best thing to ever happen to him. Sabre kicks Penta’s arm while it’s prone on the post.

Sabre continues working on the arm, but now it’s with ATTITUDE! Andy Boy knock-off makes a 45 reference, and I’ve decided he needs to Brexit out of the US and never be allowed back here. Brief comeback but Sabre goes to the octopus right away. Half nelson leads to the penalty kick. Pace picks up. Package piledriver into the cross armbreaker. Penta gets to the bottom rope. Package piledriver on the apron by the challenger. Destroyer into the triangle then into the double wristlock. Penta swears at him in Spanish but passes out from the pain and loses.

I’m glad they kept the match relatively expedient. This was a good story with Sabre being more aggressive in working the arm and matching up one of the more popular wrestlers going in the world right now. The heel face dynamics were much clearer in this contest versus the PWG one. Very strong ending to the show.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL RPW British Heavyweight Champion-Zack Sabre Jr./***3/4

RPW may have put on one of the better shows of the weekend. Big surprise there.


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