Ryan Smile and Shane Strickland vs. The Unbreakable F’n Machines (Michael Elgin and Brian Cage)(RPW Live in Orlando-March 31, 2017)

tag match.jpg

The Andy Boy knock-off says RPW is where the big boys play. Can this company please find a competent announcer? This is very much a speed versus strength kind of match. One thing I’ve very much enjoyed about RPW is they’ve had something for everyone and showcased a number of different styles. Cage hits an inside out lariat very early on. We get some flippy dos from everyone. This is very close to a dance-off. I’m not impressed. Elgin does the worm, and Strickland leaves. Some nice double teams from Strickland and Smile. They’ve got a chance at the British tag team titles. Guess that clears up who’s winning this match. Strickland hits a springboard moonsault off of Elgin’s chest. That was crazy. Elgin cuts Smile off with a vicious looking cutter.

Strickland hot tags and does quite well against the big men. Things break down with Cage and Elgin hitting some nifty double teams. Super Elginbomb feeds into an F-5. Smile kicks out. Crowd is not impressed with Smile. Series of kicks by Strickland on Elgin. Double stomp as Smile holds him in the electric chair. Strickland dives on Cage. Smile hits a frog splash and gets the biggest win of his career over Elgin. The crowd DOES NOT like what happened there. This seemed designed to get Smile over in the states but than taking a beating, he didn’t do a lot to distinguish himself. If Strickland had gotten the pin, I don’t think the fans would have been quite as annoyed. I enjoyed this match a lot more than the crowd did apparently.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ryan Smile and Shane Strickland/***1/2


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