Sami Callihan vs. David Starr (Beyond Wresting Caffeine- April 1, 2017)

xcallihan starr.jpg

Time for another Sami Sprint. This went just under seven minutes and was PERFECT! Drew did a great job pacing this show with shorter matches and high intensity action. David Starr’s list of nicknames take as long as the match. Starr uses the dick thrust right away. This is just a highlight reel car crash, but given the rivalry and the fact that’s so late, this is the time to really just go out there and bust ass. Lots of machismo and back and forth action. Neither guy gets a definitive offensive advantage. Series of forearms to the corner from Starr. Callihan hits a nice combination. Starr hits a Destroyer and gets three. Bit of a weird ending but Callihan put over Starr and this was highly entertaining.

Winner (s)/Rating: David Starr/***1/4


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