Sami Callihan vs. Jay White (RPW- Live in Orlando- March 31, 2017)

white callihan.jpg

I really want to see every Jay White match I can, so I’m making an exception in the hopes we get a Sami Sprint. Basically, if Sami Callihan wrestles a match like his pants are on fire (and given his awful ring attire has pants, this is possible), then it won’t annoy me and hate pro wrestling. RPW flew over the ring announcer and referee but not Andy Boy Simmonz. This makes me a happy Jerome.

Things start out hot and heavy, basically the perfect way to engage a crowd that’s witnessing a dozen wrestling shows over the weekend. We get some shenanigans on the outside, but both guys step up in a big way and really deliver a hell of an opener. Callihan DVDs White hard into the corner. White sanbags some piledriver attempts and gets forearmed. They exchange submissions. White applies a Rings of Saturn and Callihan grabs the ropes. Hell of a finish as they exchange bombs. Sitdown powerbomb leads to a stretch muffler. White kicks out. Callihan delivers a series of stomps. White rolls him up and then applies a Liontamer. Callihan taps! That’s quite the victory for White. Great way to kick off the show and a showcase win for White. This was a nice effort from both guys, and you can tell White is the kind of guy who is a perfect match for Callihan’s brand of brawling.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jay White/***1/2


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