WWN Championship: Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Fred Yehi (Evolve Tag Team Champion and FIP World Champion) vs. Tracy Williams (Evolve Tag Team Champion) vs. Jon Davis (FIP Florida Heritage Champion) vs. Parrow (ACW Champion) (WWN Supershow-April 1, 2017)

rirrld .jpg

It’s crazy to me that you have Davis and Parrow in the area and don’t have something for them to do on the Evolve shows. Personally, I’d at least have them in squash matches (perhaps to start each Evolve show as a way of testing the stream so the “real” matches don’t get missed and technical kinks can be worked out) and give people an idea who these guys are. They might know who Davis is but unless you’re a hardcore WWN watcher, how in the hell are we supposed to know who Parrow is?

You’d be a fool not to expect this not to come down to the three Catch Point members. Trevin Adams thankfully joins Leonard on commentary . Everyone quickly matches off. Each member of Catch Point takes on the cannon fodder…I mean opponents. Hathaway tries to get the non-Catch Point members to align. Hathaway pulls Thatcher away. That seems fairly stupid. Thatcher chokes Parrow almost immediately. What a waste of time. Things break down again. Yehi is left alone with Thatcher for a bit. Davis gets a surprising amount of time to go on the offense. I could never make a decision on whether I thought he was good, underrated, bad, or overrated. He certainly made the most of this spot but as expected. Catch Point triple team Thatcher. Williams applies a crossface and taps him out. Well, Thatcher now has a case it took three men to beat him. Now they turn their attention to Davis. The booking is  bizarre here as Riddle is undoubtedly the top face, but Catch Point is focusing on working as a team. Davis is almost the underdog babyface who has not a single person behind him. Davis valiantly fights back, but he has no chance against three other guys. Williams, Yehi, and Riddle all tap Davis out by submission. WHY ARE WE PROTECTING JON DAVIS?!

The match finally settles down as Williams and Yehi work over Riddle. Now, things get interesting. Riddle is where he should be as the babyface. It does make sense for the Evolve tag team champions to be working over Riddle’s neck. Williams rolls Yehi up out of nowhere and gets a three count. Yehi is pissed. That was pretty brilliant, particularly if they’re breaking this group up and giving the titles to Jaka/Dickinson. Now Williams is the firm heel, and the crowd can get behind Riddle all the way. Back and forth with forearms. Nice callback by Adams when he brings up Williams beating Riddle on Mercury Rising 2016. Bro 2 Sleep gets two. He goes back to favoring his neck. DDT on the top turnbuckle. Riddle hits a fishermen’s buster into the bridge for two. Double arm DDT right into the crossface. This was the move that already tapped out two people as well as Riddle the previous year. Piledriver and Riddle bounces off the mat. Great selling there. Williams goes back to the crossface. Riddle gets to the bottom rope. Series of elbows to the face and again to the crossface. Riddle gets the Bromission out of nowhere. Series of shots to the midsection and Williams taps.

The first half of this match was not good. Everything after Davis was eliminated was pretty great. Settle some place in the middle.

With the Evolve title already in existence, I question the value of a WWN championship at all. Seems to only devalue what Sabre is trying to do. Riddle is the right choice for this title, but I almost would have preferred a tournament (not like Evolve 19) over the whole weekend. Including Davis and Purrow seemed like a waste since there was no build outside of FIP or ACW for them to even have a chance in this match. The booking of this match was pretty bizarre, and I really didn’t like the design of the match until it was down to just the Catch Point members. I guess they wanted to show Catch Point having to work as a unit to set up three new challengers, but are people really running out to buy ACW and FIP shows now to see Riddle defend against Davis and Parrow?

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW WWN Champion-Matt Riddle/***


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