AR Fox Ladder Match Invitational-PWR Open Scramble Championship: AR Fox vs. Joey Janela vs. Jason Cade vs. Davey Vega vs. Trey Miguel vs. Arik Cannon vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Caleb Konley vs. Trevor Lee vs. Serpentico vs. Lio Rush vs.  (Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes and Piledrivers-April 1, 2017)

cade fox.jpg

There’s 11 guys and one guy has to climb up a ladder to get the championship belt.

You can’t even call the action in this one. This is how many wrestlers there are in Orlando that 11 of them can be in the same match.  This was certainly unique and and functioned well as a spectacle. Penelope Ford gets involved and is portrayed in a more positive way as a manager helping Janela than Yung was even though the latter was actually in a match. Everyone is given a moment to shine, which is exactly what you want for a lot of these younger athletes like Wentz and Miguel. Eventually, all 11 men try to climb at the same time. People start getting tossed off until Lio Rush is left alone by himself. Konley pushes the ladder back. Jason Cade tope con helos to the outside…and his back connects with the ladder. Well, his back is fucked. Vega hits a double double stomp but then immediately gets low blowed by Janela. 11 guys and of course Janela takes a bump into the side of a ladder.

This was so much more a spectacle than anything else. I can’t even begin to rate something like this, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Rush hits a Spanish Fly on Serpentico. Cade is awesome bombed through a board set up in the entranceway. Jake Manning on commentary makes a Bill Cosby joke. See, he and Chappelle have at least one thing in common! Lee goes for the belt, but Ford grabs his foot. The fans actually boo Lee! Ford kicks him across the head and leaps up. DVD through a board. Rush slams Janela through two chairs and a ladder. Cannon DVDs Rush through a board on the outside. There’s a Tower of Doom spot that gets missed, and Fox is the only one alive at this point. Actually, Cade joins him. They battle for the belt. Cade falls with the title.

I like that Cade won the main event because it felt like PWR was able to crown a new champion and a new star. Even though he wasn’t a part of any Evolve or ROH shows, he’s still able to carve out something for himself on a show like this. Tremendous effort and Cade going over these guys looks really good on him.

Winner (s)/Rating: AR Fox/N/R

I’m pretty sure Cannon took less than five bumps in this match. He’s a genius.


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