David Starr vs. Jeff Cobb(Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes and Piledrivers-April 1, 2017)

cobb starr.jpg

Completely forgot this was a thing before I saw this pop up on the Highspots network. This is an interesting way to begin the show to be certain. The fact this company has an IHOP sponsorship really does make the show feel a bit more important and that’s one of the benefits of sponsorships and having commercial enterprises there for support. Cobb hits Tour of the Islands and gets three. Perfectly fine opener as the crowd was into it and Starr showed off some underrated power. Cobb really wasn’t asked to deliver in a huge spot, so this met expectations.

Pretty intense opener as neither guy can get an advantage for an extended period of time. Every time there’s a two count, the crowd shouts says “PANCAKES.” That’ll take about two or three more times for it to get totally annoying. Cobb hits a modified gutwrench suplex. Starr with a beautiful crucifix suplex. Product Placement gets two.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jeff Cobb/***1/4


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