Fans Bring the Presents-OI4K (Jake and Dave Crist) vs. Jack Evans and Angelico (Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes and Piledrivers-April 1, 2017)

evans crist.jpg

I was pretty interested in this match because both teams are really good when they want to be and could have delivered a a high flying spectacle. Of course, Evans cuts a long promo that’s barely audible at times about his birthday. OI4K finally interrupts with stomps to the midsection. We get a play sword fight as these are two of the presents. If this was Joey janela’s show, I could have forgiven this, but does PWR really want to be known for this?

Dave Crist actually takes a chokeslam through two chairs for some reason. Angelico back drops Jake into a the first two rows of fans. That seemed risky. Dave uses pancakes, and I wish this was the only match where I could say this was the case. Evans uses a kaleidoscope and a sword in Dave’s posterior. Jeeeeeeeesus.  Evans rolls Dave up for three after more pancake and ass related shenanigans

What a mess of a match. They couldn’t decide whether this was comedy or a brawl. It functioned successfully as neither.  There are some matches that are bad but at least entertaining. This was the complete opposite as you know these teams could have had a good match, and they just didn’t feel like it.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jack Evans and Angelico/DUD


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