FIP World Heavyweight Championship: Fred Yehi vs. Desmond Xavier (FIP Establish Dominance- April 2, 2017)

fip championship.jpg

This show was filmed at a barbecue, so it’s a bit of a casual atmosphere as it’s also outside. Yehi has had a strong weekend of performances thus far and this is his second WWN title defense. Xavier is one of the fastest rising stars on the indies, and there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be a  bigger part of WWN’s 2018 Wrestlemania weekend.

Zavier does a fantastic job avoiding the stomps early on in the match and dictates the pace. A stomp top the hand and then the foot allow Yehi to get the advantage. After Yehi wears him down, Xavier comes back with a set of strikes. 619 around the post connects. Yehi comes back and hits an exploder into the corner. Into the Koji Clutch and a quick win. Finish was a bit sudden but this was a really fun title match. Both these guys came across really well.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL FIP World Champion-Fred Yehi/***1/4


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