Jake Manning vs. Su Yung Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes and Piledrivers-April 1, 2017)

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Jake Manning has a new gimmick, that being a mysogonist. I had to comment on this latest development because it’s yet another black mark in the business. To explain this, I’m going to use an analogy.

Back in 2004, I was a huge fan of The Chappelle Show. It was one of the most creative shows I’d ever seen. Before a lot of the sketch shows that are so commonplace on cable and YouTube, this was one of the most innovative and creative pieces of television ever. In what could have been a lucrative time period for him, he just walked away from 50 million dollars of Comedy Central’s money and decided to disengage with the world. As a human being and artist, it was incredible admirable for him to walk away and at least try to keep his vision pure.

13 years after I had the pleasure of discovering this show, Netflix released two new Dave Chappelle specials. I’d heard of these three hour marathons where Chappelle would just talk and tell stories for hours on end. Chappelle was more of a legend than ever, Unfortunately, when I watched his specials, I got a comedian who had seemingly checked out of the world and never checked back in. There was a dash of homophobia mixed in with a whole lot of transphobia. Jokes that would have seemed awkward 20 years ago were now just flat-out not funny and could be seen as offensive. Jokes about not understanding these two alternative lifestyles are as passe as saying women don’t belong in a wrestling world (for example) or that women should not be treated as equals as society (for another example).

The problem isn’t that Dave Chappelle is offensive, just like Jake Manning is not offensive. The problem is they’re both lazy and are using cheap methods to try and stay relevant. Both guys can some amount of success, but they’ve both chosen to put out material that is 20-30 past its end date. The reality is intergender wrestling is a thing and has been for over a decade. I’m willing to concede it’s not for everyone and people who are uncomfortable are within their rights to not watch. However, it’s a legitimate form of competition in many indie companies. Cutting a promo (as Manning did) about Su Yung being on her period and refusing to cook pancakes is incredibly trite. Making reference to Su Yung not being sexually attractive is not only bullshit but SPOILER ALERT has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling. If they’re wrestling, who cares about a sexual attraction? It’s about competition. Would Manning have commented on a male not being sexually attractive if he were wrestling a man? No. Why? Because it wouldn’t even come into his head to draw heat that way.

I don’t plan on reviewing Jake Manning matches very much, but it’s incredibly important for me to highlight and call out this kind of low rent baiting because it’s beyond tiresome and gross. If you as a wrestling company cannot find a way to equalize both genders and treat them with respect, then you really don’t deserve to exist. That goes for PWR and any other promotion running.

The match only reinforces Manning’s position as he wins in relatively short fashion. Yung, who holds four different champions in multiple companies, is much too good for this. Instead of attacking Manning and beating the shit out of him for his awful promo (within the context of the story), Yung takes Manning around to be chopped in a comedy spot. Pancakes come into play. Manning puts on Socko, so not only is he aping Jeff Jarrett 1999 but Mankind 1999 as well. More pancakes. Distraction by McQueen. Manning goes low and hits a piledriver. He gets three. Fuck every single thing about this segment and this match. This is easily the worst match I’ve seen all weekend. An utter abomination.

I am fully aware Manning is supposed to be a heel and he’s drawing heat. I’m here to tell you it’s lazy trite, and everything pro wrestling should be fighting against.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jake Manning/DUD

I am incredibly grateful that no credible independent will book this character. Also, can you imagine if IHOP saw what Manning was doing? The carniness and backward thinking are part of the reason commercial enterprises look down on wrestling.


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