Jason Cade vs. Anthony Henry (FIP Establish Dominance- April 2, 2017)

henry cade.jpg

Another battle between two excellent young wrestlers. Henry is a personal favorite of mine after seeing him in the SCI last year and having a chance to watch him develop in other promotions as well. We see the athleticism early from both men as neither man can get any moves edgewide. Cade goes low off the stalemate. Henry uses his knees to his advantage. Penalty kick into a German bridge for two. Cade hits a standing double stomp. Tiger driver for two. Henry tucks the head but Cade escapes and hits a superkick of his own. 450 and one of his knees thuds Henry in the ribs. Woof. STO on the apron. Double stomp gets Henry two but he goes right to the ankle lock. Cade rolls out and hits a Destroyer. Cade misses a Phoenix splash and is put into the ankle lock. Henry sits down. Cade taps.

This was a nice showcase main event for two young athletes. Not the most relevant of matches but solid throughout and Henry continues to impress. These guys certainly wrestled this like a main event, and it was good to see Henry pick up the win. .

Winner (s)/Rating: Anthony Henry/***


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