Jay White and Dragon Lee vs. Will Ospreay and Volador (ROH Supercard of Honor XI-April 1, 2017)

international showcase.jpg

I made an exception for some Sami Callihan matches this weekend, but I will not for Bully Ray or Cody Rhodes. By the way, good luck to everyone reviewing the G1 this year and having to review 10 of Rhodes’s matches in three weeks. I will take a very hard pass.

This is the spiritual successor to the Dragon Gate six man tags from almost 10 years ago at this point. Ospreay’s role in ROH is apparently just to have these kind of showcase matches and not necessarily factor into any of the more storyline oriented matches. I guess I see the logic but giving Scurll a ton to do while Ospreay is only just there to dazzle people seems to underestimate the latter’s skillset. This went as these matches usually go. Feeling out process as they show off some flashy mat work. Heat segment or two. Then they go crazy with dives. These guys hit their spots and had a really hot crowd to work in front of so this match met expectations. These four excel in these matches, but for White to have such limited experience and still be this good is utterly insane. Volador wins after hitting a top rope rana on White. Almost a simple finish given the rest of the match.   Tremendous showcase match and that’s all you could really ask for. This is one of THE must see matches of the weekend.

Winner (s)/Rating: Volador and Will Ospreay/****1/2


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