No Disqualification-FIP Heritage Championship:. Martin Stone vs. Jon Davis (champion) (FIP Establish Dominance- April 2, 2017)

davis stone.jpg

Davis goes for his finishing combo right away, but Stone comes back himself. They head outside and turn this into a brawl. Stone hits a nasty headbutt as they head into the crowd. Stone uses a chair to wear Davis out. Stone brings Davis into the middle buckle head first but gets hit with an STO for his troubles. Stone comes off so smart in his matches as when he ducks an StoneKO attempt but then comes back with his own. Exploder and a right hand into a long two count. Davis shoves him down and hits a deadlift bucklebomb. That was awfully impressive. Spinebuster gets two. Stone hits the StoneKO but only gets two. Davis hits an incredibly impressive combination of moves ending with a lariat and he wins the championship.

This was a very different type of match than Stone had with another opponent known for his power moves in one Jeff Cobb at RPW. They smartly wrestled it like a grudge match and didn’t waste time with holds. Just a very good back and forth brawl. They did a nice job scrapping their way through the heat and keeping up the energy level in the heat.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW Florida Heritage Champion-Jon Davis/***1/2


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