ROH World Championship: Christopher Daniels (champion) vs. Dalton Castle (ROH Supercard of Honor XI-April 1, 2017)

roh world championship.jpg

The drama with Daniels was in the chase and not necessarily in these title defenses.

While it’s been an issue for many an ROH champion in their early title defenses, Daniels has a particular issue given his age and the fact he really hasn’t been a regular singles wrestler in a number of years at this point. Can he really deliver night after night as the Ring of Honor world champion.

Unfortunately, this fell incredibly flat. I mentioned in an earlier match review about how some Mania matches that should be home runs on paper just don’t work in exception. This was one of those. All Daniels matches go, it was fine in execution, but did not elevate his game on a big stage, and it’s a disappointment because Castle has shown a lot in recent months.  There’s some comedy early on with the Boys that sets the wrong tone. Crowd was split and seemed to want to be more into the match than they actually were. Not a real story was told once the comedy ended, and it never felt like Castle had much of a chance. What should have been a fun and energetic world title match was a two star special. Daniels reverses a German suplex, and the announcers talk over each other instead of explaining what happened. He gets a roll-up for three. Cabana finally explains the counter after the bell rings. At least you can say this had a creative finish.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL ROH World Champion-Christopher Daniels/**


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