ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll vs. Adam Cole (ROH Supercard of Honor XI-April 1, 2017)

cole scurll

Cole put over Christopher Daniels for the world title and now he’s going to put over Scurll. It’s interesting to note the contrast in these two men’s characters and how one wrestler is so much better at being a villain than the other. Scurll has his character down and centers most of his offense as a set-up for the chickenwing (or just being a dick). Cole’s offense is perfectly fine, but his whole moveset doesn’t seem as character driven as it should.

Technically, both men are heels, but Scurll is almost beloved by the ROH faithful. Cole tries his “run off the ropes and go for a chinlock” but Scurll counters into a crucifix pin. Immediately to the arm. Both men tease hitting each other with objects but decide against being disqualified. This crowd is HOT and very much into everything. Scurll hypes the crowd up and calls for the chickenwing. Enziguri and shining wizard by Cole. Cole does his taunt and gets his fingers cracked. Package piledriver for two. Crowd actually bought that as a potential finish. Well alright then. Cole grabs the title belt like an idiot. Why does this keep happening in TV title matches. Scurll hits Cole with an umbrella and hits the piledriver for two. Normally, I would hate weapon spots like that, but it was a pay-off to what happened earlier so I don’t mind it as much. They botch a piledriver spot (if only that was the worst tombstone botch). Cole hits it and then goes for a second but drops him. He at least covers his ass by selling his back. Scurll applies the chickenwing, and Cole taps.

That was a tremendous way to start this card. Both guys really elevated their game in front of a record. If this is an indication of the kind of effort we’re going to get from everyone, then this could be a tremendous night of wrestling.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL ROH World Television Champion-Marty Scurll/****

This match just shows how much a hot crowd can change your perception of a match.


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