Sami Callihan and Brian Cage vs. Fenix and Penta El M Zero (Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes and Piledrivers-April 1, 2017)

tag match.jpg

Cage hits a dive right away, and it’s time for another Sami Sprint, tag team style.

Rob Naylor is on commentary, meaning we have two sober commentators finally. This is a pretty great exhibition of craziness and a huge step up from the previous match in every conceivable way. This is wrestled as more of a tornado tag with very few actual tag team spots. This is almost what I wish the other tag match had been. Guys take turns in the ring, and it’s amazing to see Cage keep up with both Fenix and Penta. I know he wrestles for LU and AAA, but you have to always be impressed with what he’s able to do athletically. Pumphandle bomber would get three on Callihan, but Cage makes the save. Fenix hits a double stomp on the apron as Penta hits a package piledriver. Hope the editing cleans up the camera work on that spot. Double teaming on Callihan. Package piledriver feeds into a Destroyer. Penta covers and gets three.

This was tremendous fun and went the perfect amount of time. Is it weird that I’ve reviewed three Sami matches and he’s lost all three?

Winner (s)/Rating: Fenix and Penta El M Zero


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