Shane Strickland vs. Ricochet (Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes and Piledrivers-April 1, 2017)


Strickland is  jealous of Ricochet’s success, and he wants to prove himself in this battle of high flyers. AR Fox is on commentary and sounds as stoned as ever. Unlike the previous match, these two at least take things more seriously. Ricochet comes out of the corner, and Strickland nails him with a side kick. That turns the tide in his favor. Fox fucking around on commentary while Joe Dombrowski is trying to maintain professionalism is awfully distracting. Strickland really controls much of the match and dicates the pace. Ricochet did a great job taking Strickland’s offense and making him look like a credible equal. Strickland turns a handspring into a cross armbreaker. Wasn’t as cool as the chickenwing but whatever. Ricochet powerbombs out of it. Leaping flatliner gets three.

This was an impressive performance by Strickland and really the year 2017 has been good to him overall. He’s been getting bigger chances with RevPro and AAW. Here he matches up with the top high flyer in North America. This was a good performance out of both men, and this certainly delivered on the promise.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ricochet/***1/2


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