Best of the Best 16 Quarterfinal #2: Ricochet vs. David Starr vs. AR Fox vs. Jason Cade (Best of the Best 16- April 1, 2017)


Jason Cade has had a hell of a weekend already even before this particular show. Early feeling out process leads to a stand-off. Everyone is nice enough to put each other’s feet down. While some of these matches have appeal on paper, with all the randomness, these matches all feel like a series of spotfests without much of a story. You’ve also got a ton of guys who aren’t CZW regular. Thus, it becomes pretty easy to see who’s going to win each match. Even the women get involved in this one but of course are taken out. Fox hits a 450 on Starr and gets a nearfall. Cade hits a Destroyer for a long two. Lo Main Pain into the northern lights bomb gets three for Fox. This was okay. Cade and Fox had a solid finishing sequence. Their interactions certainly have made me curious for a one-on-one match.

Winner (s)/Rating: AR Fox/**1/2


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