Best of the Best Quarterfinal #1: Lio Rush vs. Joey Janela vs. Shane Strickland vs. Desmond Xavier (CZW World Tag Team Champion)


Joe Dombrowski is the announcer for this show, so this is going to be the most professional sounding CZW show ever. Rush is a very different athlete in CZW as he exhibits a heelish attitude. Everyone takes their turn as things start very quickly. This gets divey pretty quickly. Xavier ranas Janela through a chair prone in the ring. The tiny crowd is somewhat into things. Running against ROH, NXT, and WWN = pretty dumb. Strickland hits the cradle driver on Xavier and gets three.

Winner (s)/Rating: Shane Strickland/**3/4

Kevin Condron was on commentary and complaining about everyone doing dives. He could not have come off worse given the modern style of wrestling.


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