Best of the Best Quarterfinal #3: Michael Elgin vs. Anthony Henry vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Zachary Wentz (CZW World Tag Team Champion)(Best of the Best 16-April 1, 2017)



Things start as another clusterfuck. Scorpio Sky being in this match has to be for tax purposes to prove to the IRS he’s still alive or something. Elgin does match up quickly with Sky one-on-one. Series of dives because why not. Elgin stands out in a match and tournament like this just because he can overpower everyone and doesn’t rely on movez and flippy stuff. He German suplexes each of his opponents and would seem to be the crowd favorite. Exchange of kicks, knees, and lariats ends with Elgin cracking Sky with a huge lariat. Elgin takes turns forearming each guy but gets superkicked. Sky hits an impressive rana on Henry. Wentz and Henry had some nice exchanges. Elgin powerbombs them both. Bucklebomb into Henry. One onto Sky. Elginbomb on Henry gets the win.

This was the best of the three quarterfinal bouts because there was a story attached and Elgin controlled the pace in a very different way than what happened in the previous matches. The right person won, and he looked dominant in doing so.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin/***1/4


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