Caleb Konley, Trevor Lee, and David Starr vs. Michael Elgin, ACH, and Mascarita Dorada (Wrestlecon Supershow- March 31, 2017)

opening six man

Wrestlecon is a show where a bunch of indie workers and legends come together to earn a paycheck from Highspots and maybe put in an effort. This is match number five of ten for Elgin. Hard to be motivated for a show with no discernible purpose or even promotion title. Excalibur and Marty DeRosa are even openly talking about these guys paying their bills with the money they’re getting from this show. We get some shenanigans involving ACH going low, but Lee’s thighs prove to be too much. Dorada heads in and fairs very well against all three members of the rudo team. He hits a super déjà vu headscissors on Conley. Superkick by Starr on the little guy. Elgin hasn’t even tagged in legally at this point. We get a triple dick thrust. Dorada no sells and hot tags Elgin. Elgin DOES THE DEAL IN THE OPENING MATCH SO EXCALIBUR CAN CALL IT! ACH and Dorada hit duel BMEs to get the win.

This seemed like something of waste of these six guys’ talents. This was a lot of comedy and guys keeping things in 1st gear. It’s especially concerning to see Trevor Lee in matches like this because he’s felt like a bit player this whole weekend.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin, ACH, and Mascarita Dorada/*1/2


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