CZW Best of the Best 16 Semifinal #1: Dave Crist vs. Michael Elgin (CZW Best of the Best 16- April 1, 2017)

elgin crist.jpg

They brawl into the crowd right away. Probably not the best idea to go into a half empty building. Elgin manages a really nice cutter once they get back in the ring. This is a bit of a slow paced brawl with some highlight moves sprinkled in. This probably comes across better in front of a bigger crowd. Elgin counters the springboard cutter with a backfist. Bucklebomb. Dave rolls Elgin up and gets three.

Pretty amazing that both Callihan and now Elgin put over Dave Crist clean in the middle. That’s how you put over someone definitively, and this is a case where CZW made the right booking decision. The roll-up wasn’t great but it served its purpose.

Winner (s)/Rating: Dave Crist/**3/4


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