CZW Best of the Best 16 Semifinal #2: AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland (Best of the Best 16-April 1, 2017)

fox strickland.jpg

Fox dives on Strickland right away and we’re off. These two had a banger of a match in AAW, but they’re clearly going for something very different right from the onset.  This is much more a brawl with dives incorporated throughout. Things settle in the ring with Fox getting the advantage. Of course, there’s a springboard cutter. Nice combination ending with a slingblade by Fox. Fox goes for a springboard cutter, but Strickland locks in the cross armbreaker. Him using submissions is still taking some getting used to. Lo Main Pain out of nowhere. Strickland gets a roll-up for two. Huge double stomp gets three and Strickland advances to the finals.

The AAW match was better. Part of it was them having an amazing crowd to play in front of, and they clearly had more energy on a night and weekend when they didn’t have a million matches over the weekend. This was also wrestled with Fox being the aggressor and controlling the match with Strickland only able to pull something out in the end. This was still the best match of the night thus far.

Winner (s)/Rating: Shane Strickland/***1/4


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