CZW Best of the Best Final: Dave Crist vs. Shane Strickland (Best of the Best 16-April 1, 2017)

This is pretty much the best possible way to cap off this tournament. Both guys have won their matches clean, and they defeated two huge indie stars in Elgin and Fox in the process. They charge each other with bicycle kicks. They try to incorporate some weapons, but that’s not really what this tournament is about. A small, quiet crowd certainly hurt the atmosphere of this show in a big way. They tried hard with some bumps into various contraptions and probably deserved better. I don’t know what the right course of action was but having BOTB on a weekend where there’s a million shows and matches anyway is an idea that should be abandoned.

Strickland hits the same double stomp that won him his semifinal match. Cradle DDT leads to the springboard cutter (he almost slipped on the bottom rope). Cover for two.  Strickland hits a series of corner dropkicks. Swerve stomp and then a Swerve drive but Crist kicks out at two. Strickland accidentally kicks the official. Davidson hits a spinebuster. Are you fucking kidding me? Strickland superkicks Davidson.  Davidson seemingly no sells and holds Strickland. Dave hits a cutter and gets three.

I hated Davidson’s involvement and the ref bump with a fiery passion. This finish defeated the purpose of the show and everything that came earlier.  The crowd didn’t even react, and given the booking that was done earlier, I don’t understand why Dave couldn’t win clean.

Winner (s)/Rating: Best of the Best 16 Winner: Dave Crist/***

JT Davidson…what is the point of his existence in wrestling? He’s not entertaining. He’s not much better at promos than the men he’s managing. I don’t get how he’s a part of a million promotions when I don’t see how he’s adding to OI4K at all.




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