Impact Wrestling Championship: Bobby Lashley (champion) vs. Jeff Cobb(Wrestlecon Supershow- March 31, 2017)

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There have been rumors that Lashley has gotten good since signing with Impact Wrestling. They must be the same people who have been spreading the rumor Jeff Cobb is good. These guys could not have wrestled a more lifeless contest. It’s amazing. As the world champion in front of an actual paying crowd and a chance to represent the brand well, Lashley just decided to collect a paycheck. That’s not the kind of guy I’d want holding my title if I were management.

Regardless of what the crowd was chanting about Impact, Lashley could have turned them around. He did not. This is technically LU vs. Impact but both of those companies may as well not exist with how they ignored by even hardcore fans at this point. The crowd, which had been pretty hot until this point, is catatonic for this one. They have one of the most boring outside the ring sequences in history, and Lashley breaks out A CHINLOCK. Lashley wins with a spear.

Somehow Impact Wrestling didn’t run a show, yet they still came off like an embarrassment because of what the Hardys did and this match being one of the worst of the weekend.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Impact Wrestling Champion-Bobby Lashley/Pour One Out


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