Ladder Match-ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)(champion) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) (ROH Supercard of Honor-April 1, 2017)

ladder war.jpg

I lol’d when ROH thought they could draw 3500-4000 with this match. I was incredibly wrong. No matter what you want to say about ROH right now, they drew their biggest house with these four on top. I tip my cap to Matt, Matt, Nick, and Jeff for putting in the work and making this into an engaging match.

Knowing what we know now, Matt and Jeff could have phoned it in. They were scheduled for a second ladder match the very next night. However, they conducted themselves with honor (pun not intended) and put over the Bucks of Youth in a classic ladder match. This didn’t meet the danger of some ladder matches, but this was still an excellent ladder war.

The Hardys wrestled their first ladder match, and it’s amazing to see them still doing these kinds of matches. This was probably the most focused and least risk taking ladder war (within context…there was still some crazy moves and bumps) of them all. We get various ladder contraptions, and the Bucks do more of the bumping although it’s not like Matt and Jeff sat on their asses. They were very much a part of why this was easily the best match of the whole weekend that I’ve seen. Jeff takes a ladder shot right to the jaw. Nick 450s Jeff through a table on the outside. Matt Jackson tornado DDTs Jeff on the apron. Nick is shoved off a table and onto a prone Jeff on a table. Matt is shoved off a ladder into two tables. Both Matt Jackson and Jeff Hardy take nasty table bumps. Matt Hardy side effects Nick Jackson through one as well. All four men are exhausted after the latest parade of table bumps. The Bucks superkick the Hardys off the ladders and grab the belts at least. Not much else to say about this. This was an amazing spectacle.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions- The Young Bucks/****3/4

Doing back-to-back ladder matches might be one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in watching wrestling for 20 years.


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