Low Ki vs. Shane Strickland (Wrestlecon Supershow- March 31, 2017)

ki strickland.jpg

This was a huge surprise at the time. Low Ki has only been doing matches for AAW lately. Excalibur’s comment about Low Ki coordinating with the video and audio people killed me. Strickland has gotten some great chances this weekend and has stepped up his game in a big way at RevPro and at Pro Wrestling Revolver. If you like slow, methodical, and ultimately boring matches, have I got the match for you! Excalibur and Marty DeRosa making LeCool references is much more entertaining than whatever these two were trying to accomplish. Low Ki hasn’t been interested in having entertaining matches since about 2008. THAT WAS NINE YEARS AGO! It’s amazing to see how much energy all of Strickland’s matches have had this weekend and then watch him get eaten up by a guy who has proven to be out for no one but himself. Ki wins (DUH) after a double stomp on the apron.

Winner (s)/Rating: Low Ki/*

At least Ki didn’t knock Strickland out.


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