Team Ospreay (Will Ospreay, Lio Rush, Drew Galloway, Marty Scurll, and Ryan Smile) vs. Team Ricochet (Ricochet, AR Fox, Desmond Xavier, Sami Callihan, and Jason Cade)

10 man tag

In a yard loaded with shit, this is the beacon of hope…until Space Cat makes an appearance and there’s a dance contest. Galloway thankfully ends this. This was like one long spot before the bullshit and then one long spot after the bullshit. Save for the interruption this was an amazing exhibition and despite my feelings about some of the sillier elements, I think Smile and Cade being involved with these eight guys can only help and put more eye balls on them. There’s nine guys outside the ring AND NONE OF THEM CATCH AR FOX’S LO MEIN RAIN! GALLOWAY HITS A TOPE CON HELO! OSPREAY HITS A SPANISH FLY ON RICOCHET TO THE OUTSIDE! We get a parade of superkicks like it’s a Young Bucks match. The Just Kidding superkick really works in this context. Parade of cutters next. Lots of finishes follow that up. Oscutter on Ricochet only gets two. 630. Cade hits a Destroyer and then a rana on Ospreay but only gets two. Dragonrana and CADE GETS THREE! That seems significant.

I don’t think there was a single legal tag in this match. This was like a Dragon Gate six man without the token feeling out process and heat segment. I’m not sure if this “good” but it was entertaining despite some moments that got a little too cute for my taste. Cade getting the pin on Ospreay was absolutely the right call.

Winner (s)/Rating: Team Ricochet (Ricochet, AR Fox, Desmond Xavier, Sami Callihan, and Jason Cade)/***1/2


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