The Hardy Boys (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. Ray Fenix and Penta El M Zero (Wrestlecon Supershow- March 31, 2017)

hardys lucha brothers.jpg

The Hardys would go on to have the best match of the weekend the next night in a ladder war with the Young Bucks and then shock the world by having another ladder match at Wrestlemania. Maybe in another company or in another space time continuum, this is actually good. Given what the Hardys will be doing, it’s tough to blame them for having a ten minute main event and barely take any major bumps.

At least they wrestle this like a tornado tag team match as opposed to a traditional one, If you’re gonna do a sprint, do it right. We get some nice double teams and  signature spots out of all four men. The crowd appreciated the effort if nothing else, but I think Sandman’s entrance went longer than this. At least this was better than their match against RVD and Sabu from two years ago. Still this was a main event with typical Wrestlecon level effort. Jeff gets a quick pin after swantoning both men.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Hardys/**


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